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I saw this store on YouTube and everything looked fabulous.  I thought it would be awesome to order something form the U.K.  Whenever you order something form her it takes a few days to give you what the shipping would be.  Ms. Karen is super sweet and she only charged 3 pounds for shipping, even though it cost 10 pounds.  Once I paid the invoice it took  about 3 to 4 days for the package to arrive.

Here is what I ordered. —>

Everything smelled fabulous.  I don’t normally like glycerin soaps but I really like hers.   The lather was so creamy and hers scents awesome.  Her cold process are even creamier.  When I purchased her soaps, her average weight for the soaps was 100 g which is about 3.5 oz.  I think she has upped the weight since then so that they are 120 g which is about 4.2 oz.  I would definitely buy from her again.

I was looking for sellers in my state so I stumbled onto this seller.  She had a great deal of six shea butter bars in your choice of scents for $28.50.  Even though the listing said shea butter bars, you could also order sea salt bars.   I ordered Asian Pear Sea Salt, Firelight Sea Salt, Passionfruit Rose, Tangerine and Ylang Ylang, Energy, Lemony Snickets, and she send 2 samples (Lemon Lime and Sweet Magnolia).  I didn’t realize it but I had ordered all citrus scents.  The Lemony Snickets has a licorice scent to it as well.  Because I am from her state she had to charge a sales tax, but that was only about $3.00 extra.  Shipping was only $4.90, so the price came out to a little over $35.

Everything came shrink-wrapped with labels with the name and another with the ingredients.  Her scents are awesome.  They are strong but not overpowering.  I think my favorite scent so far is the Passionfruit Rose.  The bars are a hard consistency but have a soft texture.  The bars are very pretty and the colors are lovely.  Each soap has her shop logo of a hand with a swirl in the middle.  The average weight for the shea butter bars is about 5 oz.  The sea salt bars are the same dimensions as the shea butter bars but they are a lot denser.   Their average wight is 8 oz.  I was expecting the salt bars to be very rough and exfoliating like a salt scrub.  However the bars are very smooth and lather really well.  They do crumble when you cut them though.  So when you first use your cut pieces they are a little rough.

I liked her soaps so much that I put in another order.  I got the same listing as before so I received 6 bars.  This time I ordered the Mardi Gras, Lemon Lime, Cucumber Mint Sea Salt Bar, Isis, Pele, and Thai Garden.   I also ordered her soap grab bag, which contains about 1 pound of soap for about $10.  It contains soaps that did not come out as she expected, so they soaps won’t be labeled with a scent.  It could contain small pieces of soap or full bars.  My grab bag had 3 full bars of soap that smelled pretty good to me.  She also sent 2 samples with the order again.  One was a sample of her Black Currant and Pomegranate soap and a Ginger Fizz bath bomb.  I unfortunately don’t have a bath 😦 so I am not sure what I will do with the bath bomb.

I did a review here —->

Please enjoy!

The Pink Sink at Etsy

This is one of the first sellers I bought from.  She is based out of Texas. She actually has another shop at etsy, which I had also marked as a favorite before I decided on trying out her store.  She also has another “Pinks Sink” store that is not related to Etsy at

I bought 4 items at this store.  All of it soap. When I was ordering I wasn’t sure what type of scents I would like, which is why I selected the sampler set.  She chooses which scents she sends to you, but you can pick what type of scents you receive.  If there is a particular one you would like though, you can send her a conversation and see if she has it in stock.  There were 5 choices for the types of scents that were in the set: Fruity/Sweet, Floral, Fresh/Clean, Musky/Masculine, and Variety.  I chose the variety sampler which included a little bit from each of the other categories. In the  soap sampler set I ordered, I received Energy, Ocean Breeze Pumice, Baby Love, Edward, Blueberry Bliss, and Tomato Leaf. Each of the bars was approximately 1 ounce each.  I also bought full bars of Strawberry Sorbet, Lavender Patchouli, and Peppermint Clove scents.   The full bars were about 4-5 ounces.  She was also nice enough to send a small sample of the Cranberry Fig as well.

It took about 3-4 days for the order to come in the mail via USPS. The soaps came in a padded envelope.  Everything was well wrapped.  If I had been thinking when I had gotten the soaps I would have taken a picture of everything.  The soaps of  the sampler set were individually wrapped in wax bags and each of the full bars were nicely wrapped in wax paper with a label on top that listed the name of the soap and all of her online stores.  All of the soaps were crinkle cut.

When I opened the mailbox the first thing I smelled was the Peppermint Clove soap.  When I smelled each soap individually, they all smelled a little like peppermint, particularly the sample soaps and the Strawberry Sorbet.  I was so excited to get the soaps, even though it was my intention to cut up the soap, I took the whole bar of Patchouli Lavender into the shower with me.  The bars are nice and hard, but still feel creamy enough that it feels silky to the touch.  The soaps lathered beautifully.  My skin felt a little tight but, I didn’t have to use a moisturizer afterward.  Also, these are the first bar soaps that I have ever used that didn’t leave a residue on my skin.

Once the other soaps were separated from the Peppermint Clove soap, the scents became more apparent.  That soap, by the way, reminds me of Christmas.  I like that one a lot and it is probably my favorite out of all the scents.  The Strawberry Sorbet is a light scent and still smells a little spicy from the Peppermint Clove.  The Patchouli Lavender did not seem to be as affected.  It is a very unisex scent, but it is very relaxing.  It definitely helped me go to sleep very quickly.  Energy has a citrus scent that reminds me of Sunny Delight or Tang. Ocean Breeze Pumice a clean scent.  When you hold the dry bar, the pumice is not readily evident.  However, once it is wet, you can feel it and works really well on any dry areas you have.  Baby Love has a sweet, light scent like honey.  Blueberry Bliss does smell like blueberries. According to the description, Edward should smell like “honey, lilac and heliotrope with hints of vanilla and musk.”  However, Edward smells like blueberries, but with another underlying scent.  Tomato Leaf has a light scent.  According to the site it smells “like the leaves of a tomato plant,” and I suppose it does.  It is a scent that wouldn’t interfere with any other scent that you may be wearing.

All in all, I would definitely buy from her again.

I must say writing a blog is a lot harder than I thought it would be.  It probably doesn’t help that I am watching T.V. while I am doing it either.  I keep getting distracted and losing my train of thought.

Like even now I don’t want to watch the commercials so I just changed the channel and forgot what I was typing.  All this multitasking is making me tired.  I think I am going to stop now.

So before I start on my Etsy reviews, I wanted to give some enthusiastic praise to Ms. Verdell Green of Verdé Cake Company, LLC.  She makes awesome, fabulous, supercalifragalisticexpialidotious cakes.  She gave my fellow co-workers and me a carrot cake to advertise her business and it was amazing.  I never would have thought to add pineapple to carrot cake, but it was wonderful.  The cake was very moist and scrumptious. I don’t know how many more adjectives I can use to let you know that the cake was great, but if you all  (my one or two readers) are ever in the Orlando area and are in need of a cake please contact her.  Her website address is  She doesn’t have any pictures up, but you won’t be sorry.

My new obsession as of late.  I started looking for a different deodorant besides commercial brands. For some reason I was getting bumps under my arms. So I tried Crystal Body deodorant spray which uses mineral salts, but that also irritated my underarm skin.   So then I was looking around the internet and found Lush makes fresh handmade cosmetics like soaps, bath bombs, shower jellies, lotions, shampoos deodorants,  and other things.  I watched some YouTube videos that other people had done. Lush looked awesome.  Who wouldn’t want to soak in pretty colored water and smell fantastic?  However it seemed a bit out of my price range. I still went to the website a few times to figure out what one or two things I might buy.

Then one night I watching a Lush haul video and they mentioned Etsy.  The woman mentioned that some of the Etsy stores made Lush scent dupes (duplicates) and that the items were inexpensively priced.  I went to the website and it was love at first sight.  They sell the same types of things that Lush sells and more. There’s the bath products, but also clothes, artwork, woodwork, ceramic and glass items.  Pretty much anything you can think of, someone can make it and they are selling it on Etsy.

So far I have been purchasing mostly soaps. I love them very much. Oddly enough the first purchases I made were not Lush dupes.  The soaps are so much better than any of the store bought soaps I have used. When I used commercial bars of soaps, even ones from say the BodyShop, I always felt like there was a film on my skin, just like in the Dove commercial with the women rubbing the soap on the mirrors.

If you ever get the chance please visit Etsy and become patrons of the folks that sell there.  So far I have purchased items from about 8 sellers.  Not only have the products been excellent, each one has been awesome to interact with. It is the first website I go to when I go online. I just got a gift card today and I have spent the past hour trying to figure what I am going to buy with it on Etsy. I just had to have a firm talking to myself to save the gift card for later. As a way to not spend money, but still have a reason to shop around the site, I will write some reviews on each of the sellers. Hopefully this will be helpful for anyone wanting to buy from Etsy.

Just Do It Already

I have been wanting to create a blog.  However I am a terrible procrastinator.  I’ve been thinking about it.  I even tried it a couple times.  But I haven’t followed through.  The procrastinator’s curse, I suppose.  But this year, I am trying to just do things.   So I started eating healthier.  I have joined a gym, and have been going on a regular basis.  I started this blog.  I’ve gotten in contact with my cousins in Australia.  Well, actually, one of them got in contact with me… but I responded back.  I am going to start practicing my guitar again.  I’m probably not going to start a band, but maybe this year I will get my driver’s license.

I have a lot of plans.  The goal is to actually do them.

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!